August 12, 2022

SEO for Plumbers – 4 Tips to Becoming More Visible Online

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With our hands-on experiences at SEO Succor, we have fined tuned SEO for plumbers. Because we are now receiving referrals for plumbing and sewer-related local businesses, we thought we would create this short article describing the best things plumbers can be doing for their local SEO, before they hire us.

1. Investigate Local SEO Best Practices

Before you learn more about local SEO for plumbers, you will want to investigate the basics of local SEO. These principals apply to all local businesses, and can therefor be applied to a plumbing or sewer business. We have written an article covering the basics of local SEO, and encourage reading it before reading the rest of this article.

2. Ensure there Are Webpages to Represent Each Plumbing or Sewer Service Offered

Its difficult capture hits on keywords of interest, if you don’t have the content Google wants to show users. What this means is you will need an individual page for each service you offer. You won’t need to go as granular as creating a Gas Water Heater Installation page, an Electric Water Heater Installation page, and a Tankless Water Heater Installation page, but you also don’t want to go the opposite extreme and combine all of your plumbing and sewer service content on to one page.

You will want to create pages for each type of service you offer, and touch on all of the options for that service within the copy of each page.

If you just have one service page, labeled “Plumbing Services” that lists all of your services, you likely won’t see your business in search results for anything but “plumbing services” and “[your brand name]”. You need individual services pages to capture long-tail queries about your services. Such as a “Water Heater Installation” page to capture relative searches, and a “Sewer Line Camera Inspection” page to do the same.

3. Post Impressive Before/After Photos to Google Business Profile and Social Media

Most of your local visibility in SERP will come from your Google Business Profile. When users are navigating the local 3-pack they will see your business listing and often want to click through to read reviews, browse your website, and view any images that you have uploaded on the job.

This creates an excellent opportunity to showcase your plumbing skills to your target audience. By remembering to take before and after photos on job sites, you can wow your potential customers by uploading them to your Google Business Profile.

4. Stay Responsive on Google Business Profile

If messaging is enable for your Google Business Profile, its important to stay responsive as your receive messages from potential clients. This is because Google is currently measuring messaging responsiveness, and because they are measuring it, we have to presume they may use it as a local ranking signal for your profile.

We recommend responding to all messages, even if the message is clearly spam. This will keep your responsiveness in good shape.

Contact Us for Assistance

SEO Succor has plenty of experience with SEO for plumbers. Once you have the basics down, and you are ready to see what else can be done, reach out to us. Our plumbing clients stay with us long-term because we illustrate a return on their investment.

We can illustrate our success with local SEO for plumbers, simply contact us for a referral from another plumbing business.

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