ClearCoat Roofing SEO Campaign

ClearCoat Roofing is a growing business in Westfield, IN (Indianapolis suburb) that provides a variety of contracting services, with an emphasis on roofing & housing exteriors. 

Since they’re in a highly competitive industry in a mid-size city, they enlisted our help in solidifying their web presence & building passive organic traffic for their business.

When we first met ClearCoat Roofing, they had 15 organic keywords with zero keywords in the top three positions. Check out the results of a 10 month SEO campaign below:

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The Timeframe

March 2022 - December 2022


Increase business visibility in local organic search results
Optimize the website for lead generation
Use improved organic presence to convert new MQLs

The Work

We began working with ClearCoat Roofing in March 2021, and we were starting from square one - domain authority score was 4, and they had no organic search engine web presence for target keywords. 

Our data-driven, targeted process for acquiring keywords along the path of least resistance has led to ClearCoat Roofing ranking in the top 3 for search terms like “roofers near me”, “roofing contractor”, and “siding installer”, among many others.

This was achieved through our tried-and-true methodology, consisting of targeted content creation, technical site improvements, on-page optimizations, off-page link building, Google Business Profile optimizations, along with many other essential elements of effective SEO management.

In addition, by removing all typical pain points that consumers have in their purchase process, we optimized the website for lead generation. This was accomplished by:

  1. Clearly communicating the business’s value offers: guaranteed work, extending the life of your current roof, free inspections, free estimates, and free insurance claim assistance
  2. Providing multiple means of contacting the business, with a variety of calls-to-action for every page

By considering conversion rate optimization early, we made sure the business was ready for what was to come, significant improvements with organic rankings for target keywords.

The Results

Domain Authority Growth from 0

Net Organic Keyword Growth 
+1,966% from March 2022 - December 2022


Neil Furry

Excellent investment, local attention and SEO keywords jumped astronomically after being with them for only a few months. I left another company that I was paying about half as much - they were doing absolutely nothing for 2 total years and took advantage of me being an unknowing business owner. Once I came to SEO Succor, they jumped my calls 2X in no time. We can clearly see what they are doing month over end in our meetings. Great transparency and results. Highly recommend

Results for Target Keywords

KeywordGoogle RankAvg. Monthly Searches
roofers near me12,400
roofing contractor
siding installer
siding installation near me
siding installer near me
clear coat roofing
clearcoat roofing
clear coating for roofing
free roof inspections
free siding inspections
free window inspections
metal roofing installation near me
metal roofing installers
free roofing estimates
gonano coating for roofing
metal roofing installation
2(combined w/ another similar keyword)
roofing installation near me
roofing installation
window installer near me
roofing installer
2(combined w/ another similar keyword)
free roof inspections
roofing installer near me
2(combined w/ another similar keyword)
westfield roofers
siding installation
2(combined w/ another similar keyword)
window contractor
gonano coating for roofing
free roofing inspections
4(combined w/ another similar keyword)
gonano roofing
shingle sealer
cedar impression installation
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