PlumbSmart, Inc. SEO Case Study

Plumb Smart, Inc. is an established plumbing company in Acworth, GA, a suburb of Atlanta.

When we first started working with Plumb Smart, their SEO campaign at the time wasn't meeting it's goals. Their previous SEO agency wasn't getting them any new leads or even keyword positions.

We began working with Plumb Smart in 2020. The case study of this plumbing company's current SEO campaign is outlined below:

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The Timeframe

January 2020 - Present


Increase visibility of Plumb Smart for target keywords by developing the organic keyword portfolio
Drive a sustainable ROI from the recurring SEO investment by increasing MQLs
Migrate the website from to (December 2021)

The Work

We started with complete technical health cleanup. Back in 2020, was plagued with thousands of technical SEO errors. Cleanup of these errors was our first priority. 

Next, were quick and easy off-page optimizations. Plumb Smart didn’t really have much of an off-site profile, so we built one.  Adding dozens of directory citations and working with local website owners to build natural backlinks, we were able to add authority to the brand’s digital footprint. 

In December of 2021 we successfully migrated the website from the old domain by ensuring we followed best practices, creating necessary 301 redirects and registering the change of address with Google and Bing. 

Since the beginning of the campaign, we have worked diligently to build the keyword portfolio of Plumb Smart through consistent intentional content development. We have also carefully on-page optimized all content, new and old. 

After keyword mapping, we were able to identify the pillar pages that were still needed to meet the website’s SEO goals. We have since developed and optimized several pillar pages, as well as tier-2 content pieces, building new inbound lead generation funnels for the business.

The Results

Top-3 Organic Keyword Growth = 533.3%

Net Organic Keyword Growth 
(477 to 2,908) = 509.6%

"Austin has done an amazing job with my website SEO over the last two years. I’m glad I don’t have to think about it, and can just tend to business, which I have plenty of thanks to SEO Succor."
Paul Little
Owner, PlumbSmart

From January 2020 through December 2021, we grew the organic keyword portfolio by 208.8% (477 to 1,473).

In that same time frame, organic positions in the top-3 grew by 333.3% (3 to 13).

In December 2021, we successfully migrated website content from to, without any impediment to SEO growth. 

Since content migration, we have seen another 102.3% (1,437 to 2,908) expansion of the net organic keyword portfolio

Additionally, organic positions in the top-3 grow another 46.1% (13 to 19).

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