Definition of Commercial Queries

A commercial search query refers to a search made by users on search engines that indicates an intent to make a purchase or a transaction. These queries suggest that the user is in the “consideration” or “decision” stage of the buying process and is actively looking for a product or service to buy, or at least is researching options with a strong inclination toward purchasing.

Commercial search queries can be contrasted with other types of queries such as:

  1. Informational Queries: Where the user is looking for information on a particular topic but is not necessarily intending to make a purchase (e.g., “how to bake a cake” or “history of the Eiffel Tower”).

  2. Navigational Queries: Where the user is trying to get to a specific website or page (e.g., “Facebook login” or “OpenAI website”).

Examples of commercial search queries include:

  • “Buy iPhone 12 online”
  • “Best DSLR cameras 2021”
  • “Affordable summer dresses”
  • “Nike running shoes sale”
  • “Price of MacBook Pro 16 inch”
  • “Local car dealerships”

Many online businesses and advertisers place a premium on identifying and targeting commercial search queries because they represent users who are closer to making a purchasing decision. Recognizing these queries allows businesses to create more targeted and conversion-optimized ads and landing pages.

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