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Landing pages can be a key part of your online marketing strategy, especially regarding paid search and digital campaigns. Landing pages streamline your messaging and call-to-action in a way that funnels users to complete a conversion goal. Landing pages are designed with specific conversion goals in mind.

The team at SEO Succor can use a third-party tools or your current WordPress site to build landing pages suited to your business goals and target market.

What is the importance of a landing page?

One of the major benefits of having landing pages for your organization's search marketing is that they offer a single focus for users which can help facilitate desired conversion actions. The closer a landing page aligns with a user's search intent, the better the conversion rates will be - this is a fact of search marketing. Using an SEO or Paid Search campaign along with intentionally designed landing pages allows for optimal alignment of messaging with the user's search query, which in turn optimizes performance.

Mobile First Landing Pages

It's no secret that most users are browsing the internet on their phones and that's not going to change anytime soon, if ever. That's why we use the same approach for websites with landing page design and development. We want to make sure that your landing pages are fully responsive and easy to follow on all screen sizes.

Data Retention

Did you accidentally delete that lead submission you got from your email? Did you delete or reject a lead-generated phone call as well? No problem! Our tools can store your leads with customized retention rates so that you have access to all of the leads you've received.

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