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Are you tired of keeping your website up to date with plugin updates and Core WordPress updates? Perhaps your site went down or it got hacked but your web hosting provider doesn’t provide you with regular and recurring backups. Reach out to SEO Succor today to get started with a WordPress Site maintenance and management package today!

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The WordPress CMS (content management system) is incredibly search marketing-friendly. It’s flexible, offering custom coding options. It has an entire ecosystem of third-party plugins that add instantaneous features. On top of it all, the software is free. However, ongoing WordPress maintenance is vital.

WordPress comes with some issues that need to be mitigated in order to make it a worth while investment. Because of its open-source nature, WordPress can be more susceptible to bad actors. Custom third party security solutions need to be enabled to maximize the security of a WordPress website.

Our WordPress Site Maintenance and Management enhances your WordPress security, and much more.

What does WordPress Site Maintenance and Management Include?

When vetting a solution for WordPress site maintenance and management, it’s important to consider several features out of the box. These include keeping the site up to date with plugin and WordPress core updates and backups and security features.

While you can do this yourself, we are able to safely make these updates as they are released and confirm that the updates did not break the functionality of the website.

Beyond these basic features, our package includes:

  • Domain name expiration date reminders
  • Website uptime monitoring
  • Page speed monitoring
  • Security scanning for vulnerabilities
  • Client reports on a recurring basis to see how your site is performing and what updates have been made
  • WooCommerce Status(if applicable)
  • Page and Post type comment management and mitigation

Why Do I Need WordPress Maintenance and Management?

WordPress is an everchanging CMS (content management system) which core updates getting released monthly and thousands of plugins that are also releasing updates, potentially even more rapidly.

While updates can be good and typically something we would always recommend for security reasons, it’s entirely possible that any update could 1) cause part of your site, or the entire site to break, and 2) open up your site to security vulnerabilities which can also happen if you don’t keep your site up to date.

What is the problem with adding more WP plugins?

WordPress is a great solution for adding instant functionality to a website because there are so many 3rd party plugin options that will add functionality once downloaded and installed. However, the more plugins you add, the more likely your site becomes vulnerable to attacks, and the more likely you are to have one plugin that conflicts with a feature of another plugin.

Why is it important to backup a website?

Because of frequent updates made to websites, it’s paramount to have regular recurring backups of your sites files and databases. This enables you to “rollback” to a previous version of your website should anything ever break, or get hacked.

Protect Your Investment

We would recommend you think of a WordPress maintenance plan for your website almost like an insurance policy. You may not need it right now but if you wait until it’s too late, you could be looking at a very high bill to fix or even rebuild the site if backups were not set up.

Cleaning up a website that got hacked is complicated, and therefore it can be fairly expensive. While WordPress site maintenance and management is not a 100% guarantee against getting hacked, it greatly reduces the chance of getting hacked as well as reduces the amount of time it might take to clean up a hacked WordPress site.

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