Allegiant Exteriors Rebrand, SEO & PPC Case Study

Allegiant Exteriors has been with SEO Succor since March of 2022, when they were known as Clearcoat Roofing. Since that time, we helped Allegiant Exteriors (ClearCoat Roofing):

  • Grow annual market qualified lead volume by over 620%
  • Successfully rebrand and develop awareness for their NEW digital footprint
  • Expand from one to three locations
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The Timeframe

March 2022 - Present


Increase volume of MQLs x3 in first two years
Rebrand all digital assets
Develop NEW brand awareness

The Work

We began working with Niel Furry, CEO of ClearCoat Roofing in March 2022. Niel asked us to scale leads by at least 300% in two years time. He wanted to have enough leads to justify two additional sales office locations in the Indianapolis area. It was a big ask, but we accepted the challenge after calculating that it was more than possible on his budget.

Using our SEO services we created a careful keyword map to guide content development. By working through our mapped content calendar, we were able to develop enough topical authority to expand the ClearCoat Roofing organic keyword portfolio over 1,966% in just the first 10 months of the SEO campaign. 

It wasn't long after the roofing season of 2023 the decision was made to rebrand ClearCoat Roofing to Allegiant Exteriors. Establishing brand name messaging that more closely aligns with all service offerings of the business. SEO Succor led the entire rebranding process of all digital assets, ensuring no digital traffic was lost in translation with proper redirects and profile updates.

In 2023, we began competitor conquesting PPC campaigns, adding additional layers to the bottom of the funnel.

By the start of the 2024 roofing season, Allegiant Exteriors had expanded to three office locations.

As of April 2024, Allegiant Exteriors has seen over a 621% increase in inbound lead generation since starting with SEO Succor.


The Results

0 %
increase in inbound market-qualified-leads over two years

Net Organic Keyword Growth of
+1,966% in only 10 months 


Neil Furry

Excellent investment, local attention and SEO keywords jumped astronomically after being with them for only a few months. I left another company that I was paying about half as much - they were doing absolutely nothing for 2 total years and took advantage of me being an unknowing business owner. Once I came to SEO Succor, they jumped my calls 2X in no time. We can clearly see what they are doing month over end in our meetings. Great transparency and results. Highly recommend

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