Definition of Informational Queries

Informational queries are search requests made by users on search engines when they are looking for information on a particular topic, subject, event, or idea. These queries represent a user’s intent to learn, understand, or explore a concept without a clear intention to buy something or navigate to a specific website.

Examples of informational queries include:

  1. “How does photosynthesis work?”
  2. “History of the French Revolution”
  3. “What is the capital of Sweden?”
  4. “Symptoms of the flu”
  5. “How to bake a chocolate cake”
  6. “Why is the sky blue?”
  7. “Tips for taking care of succulent plants”
  8. “Biography of Albert Einstein”

These types of queries contrast with:

  1. Navigational Queries: Where the user’s primary intent is to visit a specific website or page. For example, “Facebook login”, “YouTube homepage”, or “OpenAI website”.

  2. Commercial Queries: Where the user displays intent to make a purchase or is researching products/services with a potential buying intention. Examples include “Buy iPhone 13” or “Best DSLR cameras 2021”.

Informational queries often account for a large portion of all web searches. Recognizing and understanding these queries is essential for content creators and website owners because it allows them to provide valuable, relevant information to users, increasing the likelihood of attracting organic traffic. For businesses, addressing these queries effectively can also position them as authoritative sources in their industry, fostering trust with potential customers and aiding in long-term brand-building.

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